The educational importance and preservation of language through oral history and song.

I wish to show how music can represent the best way of preserving language and also how it can be used to educate future generations whether it be used in a traditional or contemporary manner.


My first example is a sample from a vinyl record I’m in possession of titled Songs of the Tiwi and unfortunately I cannot add the audio even though I have tried numerous ways without having to pay

. (is expensive) so i’ll just upload the cover photos instead.

This is a more traditional approach both in the format used and in  its scope. The song about Cyclone Tracy is particularly touching, its titled the Kulama Song.

My second example which is from Tiwi college is more contemporary as it uses youtube as its platform and mixes traditional methods of song with more westernised genres. It is a school/ community project and implements both traditional Tiwi language and English.

This also reflects Northern territories bilingual education programs and how two- way language can co-exist and be educational to the students in so far as it encourages literacy but it also helps strengthen their cultural identity through the use of traditional languages.

Cole Hillman Ling366

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