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Maintaining Arrernte – A Place For Language Hi everyone, The website, Apmere Angkentye-kenhe or, in English, ‘a place for language’, is a resource for those interested in learning Central/Eastern Arrernte, a language spoken in Central Australia. It is a telling source for those studying Australian language … Continue reading

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Kriol to English Lexicon

Hi everyone, I am very interested in Creoles so I decided to find something on the aboriginal Creole ‘Kriol’ that I could share. The Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (AuSIL) has been supporting indigenous languages in Australia since 1961 and … Continue reading

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Teaching Indigenous Languages in primary schools

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share these news articles which relate how some primary schools have introduce their local Indigenous language and is taught to all children of the school and town. Even though Indigenous Language in Education is in … Continue reading

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Bilingual education policy ‘relaxed’

More news on the NT bilingual education policy here. Minister Chris Burns will not confirm that the policy has been dropped but says “Our focus is still on kids being literate and numerate in English and we’ve moved to a … Continue reading

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NT Drops First Four Hours of English Policy!

Wow, what great news! Greg Dickson has written an excellent blog post over at fully sic explaining the background and outcome of the Northern Territory government’s policy, hopefully this means schools in the NT can soon teach bilingually with government … Continue reading

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Aidan Wilson (fullysic) on language loss and more.

Aidan Wilson from Fullysic blog wrote this article for the ABCs The Drum. In it he discusses the passing of his Grandmother, one of the few remaining fluent speakers of Tradational Tiwi and the wider implications of language loss for … Continue reading

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New Bilingual Autobiography from Aboriginal Studies Press

I found this book review in the latest issue of Education: Journal of the NSW Teachers Federation (Vol. 93 No. 5, May 28, 2012). Kurlumarniny: We Come from the Desert, by Monty Hale, is a bilingual autobiography, written in both … Continue reading

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