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Kriol to English Lexicon

Hi everyone, I am very interested in Creoles so I decided to find something on the aboriginal Creole ‘Kriol’ that I could share. The Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (AuSIL) has been supporting indigenous languages in Australia since 1961 and … Continue reading

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A handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages.

The online handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages was compiled by Nicholas Thieberger and seems brief, but very comprehensive. It covers languages south of the Kimberly region, has a guide on how to use it, maps, a discussion on general … Continue reading

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The World Atlas of Language Structures Online

I first came across a reference to WALS in Nick Evans’ book Dying words. I thought it sounded like a great resource for a budding linguist and searched online for a copy to purchase, only to find that it would … Continue reading

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Wadeye Songlines Database

The Wadeye Songlines Database is an online project that ‘documents the history, language and music of public songs and dances composed and performed at Wadeye (also known as Port Keats) in Australia’s Northern Territory. It focuses on three songsets of Murriny Patha people: djanba, wurltjirri … Continue reading

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Australian Indigenous Languages Database

Annie: Access to the Indigenous Languages Database can be found here, it is run as part of the Austlang system by  AIATSIS. ‘The database contains the following information about each Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language: alternative/variant names and spellings, … Continue reading

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