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Contracts in comic and pictorial form

Indigenous Australians, like all vulnerable persons, are highly disadvantaged by the complex nature of legal language – keeping in mind that legal language is itself a dialect of English.  This disadvantage extends to written language, and written contracts can be … Continue reading

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Language maintenance and revitalisation

In topic 5 we discussed language loss, maintenance and revival. I found this seminar by Leanne Hinton that was given at ANU about reclaiming indigenous languages in not just Australia, but also in America and New Zealand. Leanne works in California with … Continue reading

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An early grammar of Tiwi

Early publication of this grammar of Tiwi has probably been of great benefit to Tiwi’s present day strength and vibrance. While other Aboriginal languages suffer for want of reference works, those with reference works stand a stronger chance of survival … Continue reading

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Jingeri. There’s an app for that! You arrive at camp only to find you there are elders from a far off group and you need an icebreaker. Your laptop takes too long to boot and you only have a few minutes to come up with … Continue reading

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Australia’s Lost Languages

This short, simple YouTube is a tribute to the languages spoken for thousands of years by Australia’s first people. The YouTube contains only words, names of languages lost, and a voice naming each of the languages. I found this thought … Continue reading

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Lost language of Boandik Indigenous people revived in traditional possum fur cloak

In this article you will read about Brooke Joy who has studied and speacialised in the Bunganditj language. The language was once spoken fluently by Boandik people, during the 20th Century the language gradually fell from use. Brooke is keen … Continue reading

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Bundjalung Our Way

Here is a review of a good old-fashioned print book, crowd-sourced and locally published this year here in the Northern Rivers of NSW : here in Bundjalung jugun (jagun), Bundjalung country. The book is titled “Our Way Stories” and it contains … Continue reading

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