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Australian Bureau of Statistics: Indigenous Languages

Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics looking at Australia’s Indigenous Languages Continue reading

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‘Jerra Bundoola’ told by Thooritgal in Ulladulla

In the Reading Room at the State Records Centre I viewed some microfiche of original documents. The document posted in this blog is a renowned mythic tale Jerra Bundūla related by Thooritgal, who speaks the Ulladulla language. This handwritten sample … Continue reading

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The Ancestry of Australian Indigenous Languages

When I discovered a few weeks ago the unique nature of Aboriginal languages, and how there apparently is no “evidence to demonstrate a historical relationship between Australian Aboriginal languages and languages outside Australia” (Walsh and Yallop, 2012). I began an … Continue reading

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Living Tongues – website

Last week I happened to chat with someone at Narita airport who turned to be Dr. Gregory Anderson, the president of “Living Tongues – Institute for Endangered Languages”. Here’s a link to their website: He, being a very fast … Continue reading

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Technology can contribute to both Loss and Preservation of Language

SBS reports on a project at Sydney University to preserve the languages of Wangga from the Daly region of the Northern Territory. It make the point that the internet (an I would think television and film before it) can contribute … Continue reading

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Australian language lexical influences in Roper Kriol as demonstrated by our friends in Ngukurr

Roper River Kriol or Roper Kriol is a contact language spoken in the Ngukurr region of the Northern Territory. Its superstrate language influences are English and possibly NSW Pidgin English, while seven non Pama-Nyungan languages are proposed as substrate influences … Continue reading

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ABC RN Media Report on ABC NT Indigenous language news bulletins.

  ABC Radio National’s Media Report has a segment on the introduction of the ABC Northern Territory Indigenous language news bulletins. ABC Presenter Richard Aedy interviews Derek Hunt (Yolngu Matha interpreter and newsreader in Darwin) and Christopher Smyth (Director of ABC … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Australia – Share Our Pride- Learn About Culture

This dynamic Reconciliation Australia website called Share Our Pride has been developed to fill a need as expressed by employers for educating their workforce about indigenous culture. Material and information has been supplied and commented on by a wide range … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Country: New Film Featuring Yolŋu language

James Canning LING556 I just had the pleasure of watching a beautiful new movie named Charlie’s Country about an indigenous Australian struggling in the Northern Territory intervention and his escape back to the land. It was great to hear Yolŋu language … Continue reading

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Radio news in Warpiri and Yolngu Matha

Last week the Australian Broadcasting Commission launched a new site called the Indigenous Language News Radio where you can listen to news broadcasts in two Australian Languages Warpiri and Yolngu Matha. This service is a 12 month trial, carried out with the help of the Aboriginal Interpreter … Continue reading

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