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The Noongar language

  The Noongar language is an endangered Australian Aboriginal language in the South-West of Western Australia. In this video Kylie Farmer tells stories and Shakespearian sonnets in the Noongar language, teaches some of its basic vocabulary, and also discusses the … Continue reading

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Directions and signs in Guugu Yimithirr

Haviland considers nonverbal gestures when studying indexical signs. He aims to find the discursive preconditions that lead to the use of gestures in communication. His fieldwork was done in the Hopevale aboriginal community located in Queensland. The language they use … Continue reading

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Noongar Pop Culture & Language Revival

  Noongar Pop Culture – A project initiative to get young Indigenous Australians involved in their traditional language and culture.   As someone who originates from South-Western Australia, I felt a representation of the local indigenous people’s Pama-nyungan language ‘Noongar’ … Continue reading

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Language and Well-being – Is there a link?

Earlier this year (5th February, 2014), the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) released the results of the National Indigenous Languages Survey 2 (NILS 2) which was aimed at gathering information about a variety of issues … Continue reading

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William Dawes and the revival of the Dharuk language

I recently watched the Bangarra production of Patyegarang. It presents to us the story of First Fleet officer William Dawes who, taught by a 15-year-old Aboriginal girl named Patyegarang, recorded conversational snippets of the Dharug language spoken around Sydney describing the … Continue reading

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Mobile Language Team

Hi I stumbled onto the website for the Mobile Langauge Team while doing some research on Aboriginal languages on my doorstep. It does, as is proclaimed, have a South Australia bias but for those researching those particular languages it appears … Continue reading

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Aboriginal Languages of Australia Virtual Library- by Stacey Bartel This unit (LING 366) is about Australia’s Indigenous Languages, and the media I’ve chosen is a website called ‘Aboriginal Languages of Australia Virtual Library’. If you look through the searchable categories within the website, you will find categories such as: ‘language … Continue reading

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