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Eight Ladies Alyawarr documentary

There is a beautiful documentary called ‘Eight Ladies‘ available for download at the moment on the ABC’s Message Stick website. The documentary follows eight Alyawarr ladies as they hunt for echidnas and bush potatoes on their traditional land. While hunting, the women … Continue reading

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University of Queensland focuses on Language maintenance and documentation.

The University of Queensland has geared up its work to record and maintain Aboriginal languages. Current projects include research on intergenerational language transmission and documenting traditional performing arts. You can read more about the projects here. -Annie

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Languages key to closing the gap.

An article that came up in the 9 network news has the Commonwealth Ombudsman again stressing the importance of language maintenance and appropriate interpreting services. You can read the article here. The Ombudsman argues that survival of Indigenous languages and … Continue reading

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Tasaku Tsunoda and Worrongo revival.

Some interesting news here and here about Japanese linguist Tasako Tsunoda who worked on Palm Island documenting Worrongo in the early 1970s. Tasako has recently bought his original documentation with him to return to the community on Palm Island. With help … Continue reading

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NSW language preservation project

Here is another news article about the NSW library project to preserve word lists and vocabularies from their archives that was first blogged about here in this post. The article emphasises gaining permission from the respective communities to make the language … Continue reading

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