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Linguists involved in naming newly acquired Aboriginal land in Mount Gambier, SA

Albeit a small part of the overall article, it was fantastic to see that the local Aboriginal corporation worked with Adelaide based linguists to decide an appropriate name for their newly purchased parcel of land in Mount Gambier. I’m also … Continue reading

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How does it feel when your language disappears?

In Topic 6 we’ll be looking at the extinction and endangerment of Aboriginal languages, and asking what it means to people on a personal, individual level to lose their language. This short film  taken by Bruce Birch, is of Joy … Continue reading

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The revival of an extinct language

Language extinction is an issue that confronts Aboriginal languages regularly. As we have seen from some of the material in the unit thus far, of the estimated 250 Aboriginal languages present at the time of the European invasion, at least … Continue reading

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Treaty – Yeah!

This song “Treaty” was written by Australian musician Paul Kelly and Yothu Yindi members Mandawuy Yunupingu, Kellaway, Williams, Gurrumul Yunupingu, Mununggurr and Marika. Personally the song means a lot to me as I remember hearing for the first time in my life … Continue reading

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Aboriginal English Program broadcast on Sat. Jan. 21 2012. [Please note: this program was first broadcast 3/12/2011] Ian Malcolm, honorary and emeritus professor of applied linguistics, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia examines the path Aboriginal English took after white settlement. Basically, … Continue reading

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Importance of preserving language

Why is the preservation and documentation of endangered languages important? By Meisha Price For linguists, it seems clear and unequivocal that every effort should be made to document and preserve endangered languages, however, it is also important to be explicit … Continue reading

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Dictionaries of World’s Endangered Languages

This is a link to an Australian page yesterday, about a National Geographic Society project to compile online talking dictionaries of endangered indigenous languages of the world.  As I have limited knowledge of the field, I am not sure … Continue reading

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