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Iltyem-iltyem in Hobart

This ABC news article is about two Anmatyerr women, April Campbell and senior Anmatyerr elder Clarrie Nagamara, travelling to Tasmania to participate in the 4th Hobart Language Day, which celebrates the linguistic and cultural diversity of the city. The article ties … Continue reading

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NSW introduces nation’s first laws to recognise and revive Indigenous languages

I found this interesting article in the news, and how New South Wales wants to preserve and promote Aboriginal languages, and open a new centre to help this process. Considering that we discuss this Proto-Australian language in LING366, I thought … Continue reading

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Our Languages Matter

The following is a link to an ABC News story that relates to the 2017 NAIDOC Week theme of “Our Languages Matter”. Language loss, maintenance and revival are discussed in Topic 5 of LING366, and this article looks at … Continue reading

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About a month ago, something that was actually genuinely interesting arrived in my Facebook feed! The article from ABC News reported that researchers at Western Sydney University and the University of Newscastle had spent three years investigating whether all known … Continue reading

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Indigenous Language Album tops Australian Charts

Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) has become the first indigenous language album to reach number one on the Australian charts. This album is by indigenous artist Gurrumul Yunupingu, who was born on Elcho Island into the Yolngu community. Singing in … Continue reading

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Indigenous songs by the new generation, for the new generation.

As part of my journey in the Torres Strait Islands as a primary teacher, a challenge I saw faced by our Indigenous language’s team was how to successfully engage students in the maintenance and revitalisation of language and culture in … Continue reading

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Dharug Language for Primary School Students

An important aspect of language maintenance and revival is familiarising more people, especially children, with the language in question.  To this end, it is valuable to introduce schoolchildren to the Aboriginal language(s) of the area where they live, if the … Continue reading

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I wanted to post something more native to my area. Lismore and surrounding schools and community are consistently focusing their efforts to teach and educate people on the native custodians of our land, – the Bundjalung people. Click to access … Continue reading

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Advertising in palawa kani – Australian languages in the public sphere

In 2006, Tasmania’s Premier Will Hodgman pronounced an initiative to ‘Reset the Relationship with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community’. The initiative was underpinned by three main themes, Recognition, Reconciliation and Real Outcomes, which were further developed into five priority focus areas. … Continue reading

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Tyson Mowarin – using technology to preserve Aboriginal language

Following topic 5 in LING366 on language loss, I came across a story about an Aboriginal storyteller from Ngarluma country in WA’s Pilbarra region named Tyson Mowarin. Inspired by the film Exile and Kingdom filmed in his hometown, Tyson … Continue reading

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