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Yumplatok: “Our Talk” is not broken

Torres Strait Creole emerged when Pidgin English was brought north following European colonization. Although Australian Creoles were born out of a necessity for communication with settlers, their status as complete and complex languages has not been recognized until relatively recently. … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Country: New Film Featuring Yolŋu language

James Canning LING556 I just had the pleasure of watching a beautiful new movie named Charlie’s Country about an indigenous Australian struggling in the Northern Territory intervention and his escape back to the land. It was great to hear Yolŋu language … Continue reading

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Sounds of Australia, National Sound and Film Archives.

The 2011 ‘Sounds of Australia’ additions list has just been released by the National Sound and Film Archive. The list includes recordings of songs and speech from the Torres Strait Islands made in 1898 by the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition. The … Continue reading

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PAW media.

Pintubi, Anmatjere, Warlpiri media and communications is based in Yuendumu, NT. The organisation has been going strong for over 25 years producing radio, film and music for the local communities. The most well known production from PAW would have to … Continue reading

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Let’s share must-see movies

Hi everyone, I was just recalling must-see indigenous movies. I would really appreciate if you could share some too please. Must-see movies: Yolngu boy was the first Aboriginal Australian movie I saw at a film festival  in my home country Mauritius, back in 2000.  Some others in … Continue reading

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Cath: Halfway through this semester, this subject inspired me to go searching for a copy of an ABC satirical ‘pseudo-documentary’ titled ‘Babakiueria’ which originally went to air in 1986.    I finally tracked it down through the ABC shop online and … Continue reading

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Bran Nue Dae

Michele: “The film Bran Nue Dae was the big winner at… [this year’s] Deadly Awards, which celebrate Indigenous achievements in entertainment, music, sport and the community. “The Deadlys deliver a strong and healthy message to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait … Continue reading

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Film on the process of language death.

Oh, what a wonderous meandering maze is the internet. From our course notes, through the Foundation for Endangered Languages, their newsletter (Ogmios), to a site specialising in independent short film, comes Immersion; a film portraying living with the erosion of … Continue reading

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QPIX Black Pearls – Indigenous Film Course

Michele: In Brisbane last weekend there was a screening of some short first films that were made by graduates of this year’s Certificate IV training course run by QPIX Black Pearls. Solely for Indigenous people, Black Pearls is an important … Continue reading

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Language Death – The Linguists movie

Cath: The movie, The Linguists, was recommended to us last year in one of the MAAL subjects that I was studying at the time. Although it lacks some depth, it is very interesting all the same. It follows two linguists, … Continue reading

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