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Aboriginal Language links in ‘Aussie Educator’

Anne: 25-07-2010 The ‘Aussie Educator’ web-site found at was initially established by education personnel from a need for those involved in education to find and share relevant information across states to address teaching needs. Data is continually checked and … Continue reading

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Interactive Indigenous Language Map – ABC

This site has a map of Australian Languages – similar to the map posted by Louka on the 20th of July. One nice difference however, is that it is interactive. The map shows the language groups on a Google … Continue reading

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Message Stick Episode – ‘The Language Man’

Kerry: Go to and scroll down to Episode 21, 2008. This is an episode of the ABC’s ‘Message Stick’ program about John Bradley, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Monash University, and his work with the Yanyuwa people of Borroloola … Continue reading

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Childrens books and Languages

Annie: I was reading When I Was Little Like You to my eldest daughter last night and thought I should share it here. It is a childrens story by Mary Malbunka (1959-2004, born in Haasts Bluff) about her life growing … Continue reading

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Language and the Arts

Amelia: For the past 8 years or so, a community arts company called big hART has been working on a project in Alice Springs, writing and producing theatre in the Pitjantjatjara Language. They have been performing their work around the … Continue reading

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IndigiTUBE – the voice of remote Indigenous Australia!

Claire: IndigiTUBE has a range of video clips of music, traditional stories and dance as well as language lessons from remote communities in Australia. The language groups include Ngaanjatjara, Pitjantjatjara, Gija and Karrajarri. There are clips from the Ngapartji Ngapartji … Continue reading

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TV helps Aboriginal language Noongar revival

Lizzie (21.7.2010) I came across this very interesting report in which modern technology is aiming to help an ancient language once again be part of our lands. The Noongar language of south-west Western Australia is being televized in an … Continue reading

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Australian Languages – weblinks

Michele: This site was complied by David Nash of ANU and it is a veritable treasure trove of weblinks to information on Australian Languages.

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Spot the difference!

Catherine: I had just finished reading the article by Michael Christie, “The Language of Oppression:The Bolden Case, Victoria, 1845” on Monday evening when I heard Four Corners start up in the background.Coincidentally it was about a case of 5 young … Continue reading

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Lessons in Gamilaraay language

Kerry: Go to for lessons, songs and other resources in Gamilaraay language.  This language of northern NSW has been in decline since colonisation, but is being rebuilt and relearnt by its people.  The Pronouns page describes the 18 first … Continue reading

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