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Maintaining Arrernte – A Place For Language Hi everyone, The website, Apmere Angkentye-kenhe or, in English, ‘a place for language’, is a resource for those interested in learning Central/Eastern Arrernte, a language spoken in Central Australia. It is a telling source for those studying Australian language … Continue reading

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The Dreamtime.

The dreamtime in its entirety will never be completely understood when viewed through the lens of the English language. Dreaming is connected to spiritual ancestors of the old time which includes majestic stories detailing the world and its creation. Learning … Continue reading

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Multimodal discourse forms in Aboriginal Sand-stories

As an Artist I’m fascinated by the discourse form of sand stories, common to many indigenous australian groups. Long before powerpoint and prezi presentations, many Aboriginal groups were making good use of multimodal discourse forms. I’ve attached some clips, and … Continue reading

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The poetry of Oodgeroo (Kath Walker) brings vivid memories of myself as a school girl reading her poetry; sitting in my white white skin I wandered what it would be like to have that lovely dark coloured skin and imagine … Continue reading

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Art and Soul

  You may be interested in watching the programme Art and Soul. It screens on the ABC on Thursday night at 8:30pm. The progamme looks at Indigenous art across Australia. The programme has been developed by Hetti Perkins and produced … Continue reading

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