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Adnyamathanha people’s Yura Ngawarla language revival

Doorush Wadu matyidi animation Hi everyone, This animation caught my attention since it was made by the members of an Indigenous Australian language rivival class. This class was started to pass down knowledge of the language and culture of the Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders ranges in South Australia. In … Continue reading

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Accreditation for interpreters of Aboriginal languages

Amelia: Hi everyone, there was a little segment about interpreters of Aboriginal languages in Western Australia on SBS’s Living Black last week. It was concerned with the lack of interpreters in general, and the fact that there is no state-wide … Continue reading

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Bran Nue Dae

Michele: “The film Bran Nue Dae was the big winner at… [this year’s] Deadly Awards, which celebrate Indigenous achievements in entertainment, music, sport and the community. “The Deadlys deliver a strong and healthy message to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait … Continue reading

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Reviving Wampanoag (an Algonquian language of north America)

David (via Nick): 30.09.10 If you are interested in comparing the language revival work in Australia that we examined in Topic 6 with some overseas examples, you might find this site interesting. Jessie Little Doe Baird is a linguist and … Continue reading

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First ever indigenous anatomy dictionary bridging gaps.

29/9/10 Hello all, April here 🙂 I found this looking online for a radio program a friend told me about (I believe has Susan W posted it on here), and it made me think of topic 4 on dictionaries and … Continue reading

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Strong music

Jo: I have had a few looks on YouTube recently to try and find some interesting snippet of Aboriginal English or Kriol to post to this blog. On page 70 of LING366/466 pdf reading 8 (Susan Kaldor and Ian Malcolm’s … Continue reading

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Holding Our Tongues – Language Revival

Michele: Holding Our Tongues Holding our tongues Hindsight 8 March 2009 – Holding our tongues “We often think that the ‘tides of history’ have washed away most of the languages in south eastern Australia. But Aboriginal people say those languages … Continue reading

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