Wiradjuri Resources

During this unit (LING366) we discussed Pama-Ngunyan languages (of which Wiradjuri is a member), and we also discussed language revitalisation.

As part of the efforts to raise awareness of Wiradjuri language and Wiradjuri nation, many great educational resources have been produced, all with the underlying aim of language renewal. Among those resources we have Grammar of Wiradjuri language (Grant and Rudder, 2014) and A new Wiradjuri dictionary, (Grant and Rudder, 2010).

These two resources are the most up to date available on Wiradjuri language. They are both used as texts in the post graduate diploma in Wiradjuri, now offered at Charles Sturt University. Both are A5-sized books, with the dictionary having a Wiradjuri to English section and an English to Wiradjuri section. Words are listed with hyphens indicating morpheme boundaries and there is a detailed introduction to the sounds and nature of Wiradjuri language which is suitable for a beginner learner.

A grammar of Wiradjuri language is described as a “pedagogical grammar” (2014), and this is a fitting description. Grant and Rudder give a detailed description of the contexts and ways that Wiradjuri language is used, which are detailed enough to convey the significant differences between Wiradjuri and Australian English, especially in relation to kinship terms and connection to country. This book like the dictionary, is suitable for a complete beginner language learner. Grammatical descriptions are clear as are the example sentences which gives a warm and welcoming feeling for a language student.

These two texts are an excellent base from which the Wiradjuri language renewal movement is growing. In combination with many of the other excellent resources becoming available for Wiradjuri learners such as story books, master and apprentice language programs, language meet ups, and various cultural events taking place, they are a powerful and practical set.


Blake Wardell, Ling366 07/05/18

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