Australia’s Lost Languages

This short, simple YouTube is a tribute to the languages spoken for thousands of years by Australia’s first people. The YouTube contains only words, names of languages lost, and a voice naming each of the languages. I found this thought provoking YouTube ‘ very emotive. Let’s consider the causes of the continual demise of the remaining few Aboriginal languages and think of ways to stop the annihilation. Creating awareness could be the first step because it’s hard to believe but there are non-Aboriginal Australians who are ignorant to the fact that English is not the first language of our first people. This has become apparent to me during the course of my study in this unit, LING566. The YouTube is based on the CD ‘Balance’, by Bruce Watson, featuring Bruce with Tracey Roberts on piano and Gavan McCarthy on bass. See’ You Tube.

The following quote accompanies the YouTube. ‘Every language lost is a way of seeing the world lost. Many Aboriginal people refer to these languages not as lost but ‘sleeping’, and are working hard to maintain and re-awaken languages’.

Annette Purton LING566


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