This Land is Me

This film clip “This Land Is Mine” by Paul Kelly reflects similar concerns as those outlined by Harold Koch in topic 10.2. Here, the film clip highlights the difference in the thinking and worldview between Aboriginal Australians and White Australians. It states that Aboriginal Australians believe that the land owns them whereas White Australians believe that they can own land. Koch (2004) argues that the Native Title laws imposed by White Australia, which are designed to allow Aboriginal Australians the right to request their land back are asking Aboriginal Australians to perform as a White Australian would without the White cultural understanding to help them support their claim. This results in many claims being denied simply because of Aboriginal Australians’ different ways of viewing Australia and coexisting within it. Such insight prompts one to ask whether there could be a better and more Aboriginal Australian way of allowing Aboriginal people to claim back their land.

Kelly, P. (Composer). (2005). This Land is Mine [Music Video]. Australia: MusicArtsDance films.
Koch, H. (2004). Language and communication in land claim hearings. In S. Romaine (Ed.), Language in Australia (pp. 123-129). Melbourne, Sydney: Cambridge University Press.

By Zac Marks

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