Aboriginal Languages in Education- Visit to Yipirinya



This mini clip from SBS Learn is a part of a series entitled ‘First Contacts Season 1: Visit to Yipirinya’ and would be of interest for people in the teaching profession of which I am about to become, as well as people who enjoy experiencing an insight into Aboriginal children who are passionate about learning and wanting to do their best.

Yipirinya School is located in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and is known for its two-way (bilingual and bicultural) learning program (Henderson, 1994).

This clip links directly to the reading in Topic 9 by Henderson (1994) ‘Aboriginal Languages in Education’ as this school in particular has moved away from Model 1 of teaching vernacular within the classroom. Model 1 saw the integration of language and literacy at different levels throughout schooling (Henderson, 1994). What is different about Yipirinya is that they teach with a 50/50 vernacular to English ratio throughout all levels of schooling provided (Henderson, 1994).

This clip shows three people of white background visiting the school to immerse themselves in the school and students as well as being shocked by cultural components that they were not previously aware of.The visitors are introduced to the school through an assembly music piece, they are shown Honey Eater Readers and their corresponding cards as well as maps of Aboriginal languages with the Principal of the school.

The result of this sees one visitor openly reflecting that she now sees that her own children have been given too much and things need to be taken away to make her children appreciate the little things in life.


For further interest in the Yipirinya School the following links provide an intriguing insight into the lives of the school and the students.

School website:


School YouTube Channel:


Clip about the school delivered by the schools official ambassador Jessica Mauboy (Australian Singer & Acress)




Henderson, J. (1994). Aboriginal Languages in Education. Alice Spring, N.T: IAD Press


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