Here’s a link to the NoongarPedia site, which comes under the aegis of Wikipedia:

The site is live, although not yet formally launched. It contains material in English and Noongar, which is the language of the south-west of Western Australia. Noongar as a language didn’t exist before European settlement, but was likely to be a group of closely-related languages. There are 35,000 people who identify as Noongar, but only a few elders who can fluently speak it. Work on the NoongarPedia site has been underway since 2014, and is a new example of using technology to progress language revitalisation.

Mainstream media is doing its bit to promote the site:

I particularly like the Noongar versions of AFL team names, such as:

  • Koolbardis/ Collingwood Magpies
  • Gilgils/Hawthorn
  • Djenaks/ Melbourne Demons
  • Wardungs/ Adelaide Crowa


Denise McKeon


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