Teaching Indigenous Languages in primary schools

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share these news articles which relate how some primary schools have introduce their local Indigenous language and is taught to all children of the school and town. Even though Indigenous Language in Education is in week 9, I chose to share these articles I found before I forgot where to find them (I had a hard time finding them a second time :-)).

Wiradjuri in Dubbo, NSW. (Which I just realised Erin Hopkins has already introduced).


Yawuru in Broome, WA.


Teaching these languages in schools, especially primary schools, contributes to the language revitalisation throughout the community. In addition to that, though, it also demonstrates the changing perceptions of Indigenous culture and their language. It works at subverting the previous held (false) belief that the Indigenous language was inferior; that is, by teaching the two languages side by side in schools, they are given equal status. Furthermore, white culture will be sharing Indigenous culture and incorporating these ideas into their own identity, becoming a part of Indigenous Australia instead of being separate.


Laura Oneale

LING366 (T2, 2016)

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