The Dreamtime.

The dreamtime in its entirety will never be completely understood when viewed through the lens of the English language. Dreaming is connected to spiritual ancestors of the old time which includes majestic stories detailing the world and its creation. Learning and understanding these tales can provide wonderful insight into Aboriginal Australian history, culture and tradition. I have included three Dreamtime story animations which were aired at the Marambul Yuganha Exhibition at TAFE NSW Riverina Institute in 2011 below (copyright RedPixels Animation).

Tiddalick The Frog

Wayambeh The Turtle

Girawu The Goanna

You can view more Dreamtime stories from this series here.

I have also included a clip of my favourite Dreamtime story The Rainbow Serpent by the Wandjina tribes. This tale portrays the Serpent Goorialla who is a depiction of an ultimate Creator or God. The land was once flat and only man existed. Through His journey across the land He left gorges, mountains and rivers in His wake as well as plants and animals as a consequence of His wrath. It is said that when a rainbow is visible in the sky this is a manifestation of Goorialla moving from waterhole to waterhole. He is the giver of life and associated with water and rain (copyright ozjthomas).

The Rainbow Serpent


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