Using TV and Media to shift our perspectives on Aboriginal Australia.

When researching 93.7FM – the Koori radio Station’s – Facebook page. I discovered news of a new SBS TV series launching in November that addresses the divide between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australians.  The series is co-created by Darren Dale – managing Director of Blackfella Films. Dale says that: “the idea came from a startling statistic about the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians… The Reconciliation Attitude Barometer found 6 out of 10 people have had little to no contact with indigenous people”.

The article also mentions Dale’s intention with the series, to “demystify aboriginal people” for viewers at home, and what he sees is the reason for the gap. The article quotes: “I think we’ve had a long period of time where people have felt guilty about indigenous issues and therefore don’t know how to interact”.

This is particularly relevant to our work on the subject of the differences in Aboriginal Culture and Language. The work that Diana Eades has done in the areas of Aboriginal misunderstanding in interactions with the legal system can be broadened, through a TV series such as this, to include more of the general public. The non-aboriginal people of Australia can hopefully start to see that their judgement or misunderstanding is nothing more then a difference of culture and practises. It suggests the gap in our understanding can be lessened when we release our guilt or uncertainty and actually begin to get interested in the aboriginal culture of today.

To see full Article:

Koori Radio:

Trimester 2, 2014, LING366

Brinley Meyer

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