Learning English as an Additional Language or Dialect in Queensland Schools

Hi All,

I thought for my posting I would share some incredibly useful resources that the Language Perspectives team (part of the Indigenous Schooling Support Unit, located in Cairns, Queensland) has developed or helped to develop.

These resources are to be used by those working in Queensland schools to support students who are learning Standard Australian English as an Additional Language or Dialect (referred to as EAL/D) learners.

These resources show that the ‘system’ is in the early stages of recognising contact languages as full, valid languages and acknowledging that their speakers may need to be taught Standard Australian English (SAE) explicitly when they come to school.

The resources include:

– A Language Awareness Poster (Useful for increasing understanding about different language varieties).  lang_awareness_poster_A3
– A Language Policy statement outlining what schools’ obligations are to these learners. policy-statement-eal-learners (1)
– Introductory Guide to Bandscaling EAL/D Learning (Bandscaling is a process by which learners’ proficiency in SAE is measured so appropriate support can be delivered to them
https://www.eqi.com.au/pdfs/eald-learners-bandscales .pdfeald-learners-bandscales

I’d be happy to answer any further questions about these things!


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