“Teaching in mother tongue key to engaging Indigenous students”

Courier Mail: Teaching in mother tongue key to engaging Indigenous students by Meg Perkins.

This article, from 23 June 2014, opens by pointing out the rising Aboriginal population in Australia’s prisons, and suggests that the way to reduce this is by increasing the attendance rates of Aboriginal children at schools.

The author goes on to discuss methods for encouraging Aboriginal kids to attend school that have been trialled and suggested previously — and why they don’t or can’t work.

The author then draws attention to education models in India, the Cook Islands, and South Africa, where numerous local languages are used in the school system.

The article is an opinion piece, so it may not have a direct effect on overhauling the Australian education model, but it is written in an easily accessible way for the general public, and could help in raising general awareness — which is always a good start when it comes to making changes!

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