Dr Felicity Meakins

This week I came across an article called ‘Language on the Line”. discovery-at-uq-2014 32

The article is about a current project by Dr Felicity Meakins, a “field linguist who specialises in the documentation of Australian Indigenous languages in the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory and the effect of English on Indigenous languages”. She is currently collaborating on a book that will document Gurindji history in English and Gurindji. The book will be a resource for the community as well as being accessible to the general public. I wanted to find out a bit more about Dr Meakins’ work and found two interesting lectures.

The first one is called ‘the Monolingual Mindset’. It’s a very clear and short lecture, aimed at the general public, about some of the challenges faced by Aboriginal children in  education due to the monolingual mindset. It’s a short and accessible introduction about some of the issues we have looked at in depth in the unit.

The second lecture is longer and was presented at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland. It’s called ‘Loss and Renewal: Indigenous Languages since 1788′. It’s quite interesting to hear about current work by researchers in the field.

To read Dr Meakins’ bio and an abstract of the lecture, click on this link.


The lecture has been broken down into a number of short mp3 files. To listen to the lecture click on the links below in order.






If the audio file links don’t work, click on the below link and then scroll down to the fourth lecture, and you can listen to the lecture by clicking on each file separately.



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