All things Yugambeh

I am really impressed with the website for the Yugambeh museum in Beenleigh just south of Logan in Queensland.  I consider it a great example of a proactive and positive approach to language awareness and revival.  Before I explain the website I’ll give plug for the museum.  I’ve been there a couple of times and it is really worthwhile.  The attendants are really helpful and friendly and ‘know their stuff’.  There are a number of interesting artifacts and a really great collection of books; especially word lists and grammars.

The website is well set out and easily navigated.  It is divided into three sections.  The first is the largest and focusses on the resources within the museum both physical and virtual.  My favourite resource is this map showing the Yuambeh language area.  The other two sections of the website are devoted to annual activities held by the community; the Drumley Walk and Yugambeh Mobo.  Well as always the ‘computer says no’ to uploading my map, but you can see it by following the link at the bottom.

I’m most impressed that this website isn’t just a static list of information.  It demonstrates how a group of people, in this case the Yugambeh, are using technology to work to revive their language, give their members a point of identity, and reach out to the wider community in friendship and reconciliation.  Good luck to them and I’m certainly going to the Mobo next year.

David Bell Ling366

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