Noongar Pop Culture & Language Revival


Noongar Pop Culture – A project initiative to get young Indigenous Australians involved in their traditional language and culture.


As someone who originates from South-Western Australia, I felt a representation of the local indigenous people’s Pama-nyungan language ‘Noongar’ would be fitting.

Language revival can be a difficult challenge, especially when there are very few native speakers left.

Instilling pride by adapting language learning into radio, television and pop-culture is a clever way of keeping younger generations of Indigenous people interested. This subculture could not only revive a dying language but also help members of that community express and identify themselves. 

The above video was retrieved from ‘CAN WA’ an online West Australian newsletter.

CAN WA Noongar Pop Culture


[Jack Batchelor LING366 22/08/14]

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