Language Maintenance in Queensland

This posting is in relation to our recent discussions on the loss of Australian languages and what is being done to maintain them. In my state, Queensland, there is an organisation called Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee (QILAC). QILAC was set up in 2005 as an organisation to coordinate language issues and to advocate Queensland-wide for Indigenous Languages. It works closely with the State Library of Queensland’s Indigenous Languages Strategy and Education Queensland.

They recently held a meeting in Cairns called Ngirrma Puwal Pukang, the State’s Languages Meeting, which they hope to turn into an annual event.

Below is a link to their webpage:

On this page if you scroll down, you’ll find video links of numerous ways communities are actively trying to pass on their languages to the younger generations.
There are clips on:
• the Yugambeh Language from near Brisbane being taught in a local school,
• the Warrgamay people developing books for children in Warrgamaygan maya,
• Joy Bonner’s (2013) work to teach greetings, talking with children and recording a lullaby in Butchulla,
• Plus many more.
There is also a tab called Guide for Languages Teaching which links to Queensland Education’s Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Syllabus. Some of the links don’t work, so I’ve put a direct link to the page that did work.
Wendy Mackay, LING566

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