Developer registers kunanyi domain name.

Recently Tasmania caught up with the rest of the country by finally implementing a dual place name policy, as I blogged about here. In an edit of that post I linked to a news article reporting that the Tasmanian Aboriginal community is opposed to a proposed cable car develpoment on kunanyi (Mt Wellington). Today it was announced that the developer behind the cable car has registered kunanyi as a domain name on the internet as reported here in local newspaper The Mercury.

I haven’t heard official word from the local Aboriginal community yet but personally I am angered and dismayed that the long fight for dual-naming to be recognised has been immediately disrespected by someone who is obviously acting in opposition to the wishes of the traditional owners of this land.


EDIT 18/3/13 In response to the kunanyi domain name being registered by the cable car developers Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre spokeswoman Heather Sculthorpe says here that any suggestion that the use of ‘kunanyi’ by the cable car group in an attempt to improve relations with Aboriginal people is laughable.

“We’re used to Aboriginal culture being ripped off, there’s not much new about this. We’re not going to give more publicity to the cable car idea, making a public fuss about it.”.

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1 Response to Developer registers kunanyi domain name.

  1. Vaso Elefsiniotis says:

    Sounds like the young developer Bolt needs some quick lessons in language ownership and respect in Aboriginal Australia. In the linked article from the Mercury he’s quoted as saying that the internet belongs to no one: “It’s first in, best dressed” but conveniently fails to admit that business names and similarly domain names are ‘owned’ by some to the exclusion of all others. This is once again an example of western society assuming it has a god-given right to everything on this land – including the appropriation of language that does not belong to them to take. Unless permission has been granted by the Traditional Owners themselves after proper consultation, then I agree with Annie – it’s pretty bloody sickening!

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