Our Land Our Lanugages report released- exciting times for Aboriginal languages.

As many of you may be aware by now the Our Land, Our Languages report was released earlier this week. The report is the result of the Nation Inquiry into Indigenous Language Learning which collected submissions from all over the country with main themes including bilingual education and adequate and reliable funding.
Unfortunately I won’t have time to sit down and read the report for a couple of weeks as we are coming up for exams at uni, but here is a list of links concerned with the report, which I recommend you read for further analysis and info:

Greg Dickson wrote this article on Fully Sic, which gives a good overview of the report.
Aidan Wilson has followed up with more details on the reports recommendations concerning schools and education.
Dr Felicity Meakins from the University of Queensland has done an interview with ABC local here about the report and how language maintenance is so crucial to Aboriginal identity and culture.
Vicki Kerrigan from ABC local has written an article here about the monolingual mindset in Australia and how important it is for all Australians to have access to bilingual education.
Claire Bowern has her say in this article, putting the report into a historical context and urging Austrlians not to miss the chance to genuinely support Aboriginal languages.
The Brisbane Times published this article by Bianca Hall, discussing NAPLAN and interpreting dimensons of the report.
Sky news has published this article, covering the importance of Aboriginal languages in cultural maintenance, an alternative to NAPLAN, although it contains some misinformation such as ‘there is only 18 Aboriginal languages left’ (I have been planning to do a separate blog post on this misinformation issue for quite some time, keep an eye out for it in a few weeks).
Charis Palmer from The Conversation has written an article, which also, I just noticed, says there is only 18 languages left…what is going on here? Have these people not read the report correctly? I think they mean that there is an estimated 18 languages which have children still learning the language as their first language.

Anyway, as you can see there is plenty of news out there about the report, and I am sure more will be published over the next few weeks. I am looking forward to sitting down and reading the report for myself once I’ve made it through this trimesters exams. If you have more links about the report please let us know and we will add them to this list.

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