Resources to support language maintenance and revival.

As the sentate inquiry into Indigenous language learning has rolled around the country collecting submissions, a common theme has been the requirement of sufficient and reliable funding. ABC news reports of another such request from Ray Ingrey, the executive officer of the New South Wales Aboriginal Education Consultative Group. Ray says “As Aboriginal people, languages were taken away from us, not at our request but by past government policies that were forced on our people. So we see there’s a role for government to play in assisting us in our journey to actually reclaim language.”
He asks for a long term funding trust or similar to be set up so the maintenance of languages can continue well into the future.

On a similar note, here is a short video of Dr Mark Turin discussing the optimal conditions for language revival and reclamation. He believes that there needs to be a midway cross over point between grass roots support (which is very evident in Australia) and funding and other resources from governments for language loss to be reversed.


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