Palawa Kani in the news

Happy NAIDOC week everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week of celebrations which will continue over the weekend. Before I head down to town for the local NAIDOC week march I would like to share a few links about Palawa Kani that have come up online over the last few months. This is particularly important to me as I live on the country of this language and I had a great experience last NAIDOC week  which really bought home the importance of traditional languages, reconstructed/revived/reclaimed or maintained.
The increase in media about Palawa Kani was related to the National Inquiry into Indigenous Language Learning hearing in Hobart where local Aboriginal people were able to voice their concerns about reviving and maintaining their language.
ABC local radio published this interivew and article  with Alison Overeem from the Aborignal Children’s Centre. The interview discusses the revival process, dual place naming, education, and the article includes a basic word list.

This article from the local Mercury newspaper discusses the submissions from the Tasmanian Aboriginal community to the National Inquiry into Indigenous language learning in Hobart, and asks for increased stability in funding and support from governments.

The Northern Tasmanian newspaper The Examiner published this article about use of Palawa Kani at Aurora Stadium for the AFL Indigenous round, which was broadcast nationally. Nala Mansell-McKenna from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre said “it was the first time the traditional language of our ancestors has been used at the stadium and to be able to have it telecast across the country is a great opportunity to hear the language spoken just as proudly now as by our ancestors 200 years ago.”

Finally, the lovely bloggers at Superlinguo published this post about the continuation of Palawa Kani through song, by local artist Dewayne Everrett-Smith.


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