*Awabakal Language Revival *

An Introduction to the Awabakal Language – Alex Arposio

(Published by Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association Inc 2009)

This blog is dedicated to the late Alex Arposio and his brilliant work on the revival of the Awabakal language.

I was fortunate enough to work with Alex Arposio at The University of Newcastle last year. Awaba is the native word for ‘Lake Macquarie’ in the Newcastle region and the Awabakal Language categorised as Pama–Nyungan.

Alex’s aim was to arrive at a system of orthography and spelling that approximates the sound system of the original language’ (Arposio, 2009, p.6) based on the imperfect work done in the 1800’s by  Reverend Lancelot Edward Threlkeld and is an example of language revival.

Below is a copy of the insert of the inside cover of the above book which is revised version on how to read/speak Awabakal.

Leah Hill (LING366)

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