Flare up in Brisbane Park

In my hometown Brisbane this morning  police stormed an inner city park and forced the people tending to the sacred  fire in the ‘tent embassy’ away. For those not familiar with tent embassies or ‘soverieign embassy’ they are built on around five sites around Australia. The longest running one is in the capital Canberra which has been around since 1972. They are not camp grounds but rather a place to make a stand that this land is their birthright.

     “You are breaking your own law” shouted one protestor . “Arrested for  trespassing  on their own land” said another. It begs one to wonder if this  frontier city is a police state. It seems that the police will arrest anyone protesting peacefully or showing dissent in this city. Furthermore this is an indictment against people protesting peacefully where their freedom of speech is being denied  It just so happens that this was on  the same day that the new Liberal government was sworn in.  With the new Lord Mayor and the backing of the new Premier Newman ordered 250 heavily armed police to smash up the embassy.  Not since 1984 and  the dark days of the Joh administration have police been involved to evict aboriginals.      

 However, as of tonite the sovereign embassy  has been re-established adjacent to Musgrave Park. The fight against racism in this state goes on.  


 Simon Mckean

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