Yolngu law

The Yolngu are an indigenous Australian people living in NE Arnhem Land in Nortern Territory.

In the following videos, a Yolngu woman is interviewed and speaking in her native tongue (Yolngu matha), she delivers a message to the government. She indicates that the balanda/ white man’s law is deceptive and dishonest when dealing with the Yolngu people, and that the balanda law does not recognise or understand the needs of the Yolngu people. She talks of a hole between the two groups of people that separates them and this needs to be filled in if there can be understanding between the two groups.

Jason Turner Ling 566

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One Response to Yolngu law

  1. Fantastic blog. Always lovely and heartening to see Indigenous Australian languages around the web. Much appreciated.

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