Nooksack Podcast

I stumbled across these podcasts when I was looking for Mohawk place names in Ontario.  Instead of unearthing info about my home province, I learned about an indigenous community in British Columbia and Washington state.  These podcasts make up a two part conversation with linguist Brent Galloway and anthropologist Allan Richardson, the authors of Nooksack Place Names: Geography, Culture and Langugage.  The podcast is produced by At the Edge of Canada, the University of Manitoba’s Indigenous Research talk show.

Both Galloway and Richardson have spent the past 30 years working with the Nooksack community.  In the interview they talk about how they conduct their research, experiences they had while working with the community and their decision making process.  What I found to be most exciting is that with Nooksack, it appears as if the language shift is being reversed.  Although the last fluent Nooksack speaker died a year after Galloway began working with the community, there are Nooksack speakers today.  The language has been successfully reclaimed thanks to the large number of recordings that were made.  The podcast is inspiring and re-enforces the notion that language revival is possible if the community is supportive and works hard.
Leah LING566

Nooksack Place Names I

Nooksack Place Names II

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