Book: The Red Chief

I have just finished reading the book called ‘The Red Chief: As told by the last of His Tribe’ by Ion I Idriess.   A small book, being of only 246 pages, but one that has opened my eyes to a different perspective.

A book detailing the life of ‘Red Kangaroo’ of the Gunn-e-darr tribe (Gunnedah NSW), part of the Kamilaroi nation.

The back cover states: “It is not only a fast moving tale about heroism but also an important document recording the social and ethical relationships between black and white Australians”.  Personally I found that this book has given me a better understanding of a number areas such as culture, the feeling of connectedness to and pride in your ‘family’, how the languages were mutually intelligible, a better geographical idea of the land in which I live.

This book was not easy to find, I had been searching for some time for it but I believe that it is well worth the effort.

Jacinta Hohnke Ling366

The ISBN: 1 920688 12 9 or the whole book can be downloaded in many formats from

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