Saving Language

Saving Language

This is an interesting project carried out by the Northern Territory Library in an attempt to save the Aboriginal languages of this area. Traditional Aboriginal stories in seven different languages were collected and translated into English to create bilingual books. This was not possible in the small community of Elliot: in this area, Dreamtime stories were only passed on in English. Thanks to the effort of one of the Elders, the stories are now translated into Mudburra and illustrated in books. This will hopefully help to maintain the language of the area.

Some of the people interviewed point out that it is rare to hear Mudburra spoken among the younger generations; the fact that children don’t use the language can lead to the disappearance of it. The project carried out as well as the push for parents to use the language with their offspring will hopefully help to revitalise Mudburra. In

I believe that one of the most significant parts of the video is the testimonial offered by one the member of the community; the woman defines the language as the glue that holds together every aspect of the culture. If the language is lost, nothing will remain. I strongly agree with this vision and I believe that projects like this should be implemented in every part of Australia.

Posted by Francesca Candaten (LING 566)

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