Native Girl Punished For Speaking her Language

In upper Wisconsin, Miranda Washinawatok spoke and translated three short sentences of the Menominee language in class for her fellow students, and found herself reprimanded by her teacher and benched during that afternoon’s basketball game.

People disgusted by racism and intolerance for other cultures are shocked, angry and incredulous that these behaviours and attitudes are still prevalent today. But reading through the whole article gives rise to many unanswered questions. The Toronto Star could be accused, perhaps, of sensationalizing a situation they knew would be incendiary without providing enough contextual detail concerning the recent histories and the When, Where, Why’s of all the people involved.

While a Canadian newspaper has chosen to highlite this incident that took place in Wisconsin, U.S.A, please note that Canada’s own racist and inhumane treatment of its First Nations People is still a cause for national shame, both historic and present day.

linda neilly

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One Response to Native Girl Punished For Speaking her Language

  1. AlexderFranke says:

    Well, that such happens in the U. S. does not really astonish me. The U. S. are famous for English-only attitudes among some people and officials. A Movement against English-only gives advice on their website that employers forbiding employees to speak a language other than English to each other even in breaks violate civil rights of the American Constitution. It is a shame that this is a topic to mention by an association.

    However, there are Americans who do not like English-only views and are mocking about this.

    The U. S. are among the most backward nations concerning heritage language support in mainstream society. Only Turkey and some nations of the Arabic World are more restrictive.

    Unless the talk in itself has disturbed a lesson, I would like this teacher to get a disciplinary procedure.

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