Language and the Law on ABC radio.

A discussion  titled ‘is it possible to obtain justice in a language or dialect that is not your own?’ was held on ABC radio’s Big Ideas programme last week. The discussion panel consisted of law experts, human rights experts and linguists, including Diane Eades, Tim McNamara, Simon Rice and Helen Watchirs. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the discussion yet, but thought I’d share it anyway. It looks very promising. The comments at the bottom of the page are worth a read too. You can listen to or download the discussion here.


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2 Responses to Language and the Law on ABC radio.

  1. ling366 says:

    Thanks Annie!

    I took Diane Eades ling170 unit ‘Language and the law’ a few years ago, and found the plight of the Aboriginals dealing with the legal system very interesting. A real eye opener.
    I will try to download this and listen to it on the train later on.

    Clayton Plater

  2. Hi Clayton,

    No worries! I am keen to hear your opinion of the discussion. I haven’t done the ‘Language and the Law’ unit yet, but am enrolled in it in trimester 3 this year. I’m really looking forward to it. Access to legal justice is so fundamental to Western society, yet linguistic differences are so often over looked in cross-cultural situations, with sometimes shocking consequences. There is some other past blog posts that you might be interested in that relate to law, I will try to find them and tag them under the ‘language and the law’ tag.


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