Byalawa-breaking down communication barriers.

A new website has just been launched which aims to assist medical professionals to break down communication barriers between health professionals and Indigenous people. You can read a news article about the site here. Byalawa intends to ‘facilitate the acquisition of  appropriate, culturally safe interviewing and case history taking skills in health profession students’. The Byalawa site is located here.

I asked a friend who has nearly finished her medical degree, and has done a placement in a remote Indigenous community, what she thought of the site and she was very positive about it, although she did say that it would be great if there was some more information for appropriate eliciting in short amounts of time as most doctors spend very little time with their patients on wards.


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2 Responses to Byalawa-breaking down communication barriers.

  1. Thanks for the idea, We’ll see what we can do
    Tricia McCabe
    Byalawa Project

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