Iwaidja Inyman

Iwaidja Inyman is a community based project based in Croker Island in Northwestern Arnhem Land. The project involves community elders and youth as well as linguists, teachers and biological scientists to record, preserve and maintain the Iwaidja language. Their website is great, it has lots of photo’s and videos that cover everything from plant and animal names to songs and general language endangerment information. There is a list of publications including a book and cd written and spoken in Amurdak (a language that is no longer spoken), animal and plant posters and music.

The project looks like it has been highly successful in recording and publishing traditional language and knowledge for future generations to learn and enjoy. I highly recommend everyone has a good explore around the website.


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One Response to Iwaidja Inyman

  1. Some further linguistic information about the Iwaidjan group of languages can be found here: http://www.mpi.nl/DOBES/projects/iwaidja

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