Enduring Voices project and hip hop in Huilliche

The Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages in Oregon, USA has set up a youtube channel  in co-operation with The National Geographic’s Enduring Voices project.  You can find the youtube channel here. There is not really much info about the Australian language situation on the sites except that obviously, the languages of Northern Australia have been identified as severely threatened. This video shows some of the Enduring voices crew working in Northern Australia including work they did with Charlie Mangulda, possibly the last speaker of Amurdag:

Something I found interesting was a few news stories that have been doing the internet rounds recently about youth from southern Chile who have been using an endangered language Huilliche in mobile phone texting and hip hop music. As we know, the greatest chance of survival a language has is intergenerational use, that is that young people are learning and using the language so it may continue to be passed on. You can read the news stories about Huilliche here and here.

And here is a video from the Enduring Voices youtube channel of some youth singing a hip hop song in a mixture of Spanish and Huilliche.


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2 Responses to Enduring Voices project and hip hop in Huilliche

  1. Australia does have a very long history. The original inhabitants spoke the original languages there. The blacks were the first true Australians.

    Hip Hop Tune

  2. yes 40-60,000 years is certainly a long history!

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