Bangarra Regional Tour 2011!

Great news, Bangarra Dance Theatre will be going on tour to regional Queensland and Darwin sometime later this year! They will perform Mathinna, which tells the story of a young woman from the Stolen Generation. No dates or places have been released as far as I can tell, but subscribing to their newsletter could be a good way to find out. Their latest show, Belong, finished in Brisbane yesterday and will be making its way to Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Woolongong in August and September. I was so sad not to be able to go and see it, so hopefully this next tour will be coming my way! Or yours!

– Amelia

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One Response to Bangarra Regional Tour 2011!

  1. That’s sweet! I know it will be very exciting. Their shows have been fun to watch no doubt. “Belong” must have been a true spectacle.

    Hip Hop Tune

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