Inquiry into language learning in Indigenous communities.

The Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory facebook group posted this link this morning. The Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs has announced an inquiry into language learning in Indigenous communities with particular focus on:

  • The benefits of giving attention and recognition to Indigenous languages
  • The contribution of Indigenous languages to Closing the Gap and strengthening Indigenous identity and culture
  • The potential benefits of including Indigenous languages in early education
  • Measures to improve education outcomes in those Indigenous communities where English is a second language
  • The educational and vocational benefits of ensuring English language competency amongst Indigenous communities
  • Measures to improve Indigenous language interpreting and translating services
  • The effectiveness of current maintenance and revitalisation programs for Indigenous languages, and
  • The effectiveness of the Commonwealth Government Indigenous languages policy in delivering its objectives and relevant policies of other Australian governments.
This is the first parliamentary inquiry to examine the direct contribution that the learning of Indigenous languages can make to overcoming disadvantage and achieving competency in English language’. It seems that recent reports regarding Indigenous educational, legal and health disadvantage as well as lack and misuse of interpreters has spurred on this inquiry, and I really hope that the inquiry results in some positive outcomes for Indigenous communities Australia wide. 
You can read the media release about the inquiry here. The committee invites submissions to the inquiry by the 19th of August 2011. There is not much further information about the inquiry yet, so keep an eye on the committee page for further dates, submissions and public hearings. 
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