A handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages.

The online handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages was compiled by Nicholas Thieberger and seems brief, but very comprehensive. It covers languages south of the Kimberly region, has a guide on how to use it, maps, a discussion on general works on WA languages and then lists each language individually. You can opt to look for languages by geographic region, alphabetic listing or family group. The entry for each language gives an overview of its status, orthography, alternate name spelling, and references that have looked at the language more closely, as well as other facts such as AIATSIS classification, other available resources, any language programmes or teaching resources that are available.

I’m not sure how up to date the list is, or how much work has been done in the region since 1996 (the copyright date on the website) but it looks like a good place to start if you’re interested in WA languages south of the Kimberly


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