A backlog of bookmarks and blowing bilingual myths.

During the last few weeks of last semester life got so crazy (as it does when exams are on the horizon) that I have ended up with a large backlog of bookmarks for the blog that I haven’t posted yet. In an attempt to clear the backlog so I can get on with some other research during semester break I’m going to post some brief but hopefully good posts. Please excuse the lack of effort that has gone into them…I just want to get the links out there and get on with more in depth stuff.

Here we go. First up is this article I found on the morsmal website that deals with 30 common myths about bilingualism. I haven’t studied bilingualism in much depth yet but the list is pretty straight forward. I was actually surprised how many of the myths seem to defy common sense, but I guess that’s part of why they’re myths.


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