Gathang revitalisation and TAFE course

This article from the Manning River Times discusses the revitalisation of the Gathang language, resulting in a Gathang dictionary and TAFE course that is taught at Taree and Great Lakes. Gathang is the traditional language of the people known as the Birrbay (Biripi), Warrimay and Guringay and was spoken in the area between Wilson River (north of Port Macquarie, including the hinterland, as far as the Falls Country) and Port Stephens in the south, and as far west as Maitland, Paterson and Gloucester.

The TAFE course has enabled Biripi community members to strengthen their cultural identity.  Teacher Jaycent Davis said “bringing back the native tongue is a breakthrough for the Biripi people. It will only strengthen our relationship with tradition, empower us with the knowledge of another language and give us pride to know that it has always been sitting at the back of our tongue ready to be awakened.”

The revitalisation project has been based at the Many Rivers Aboriginal Language Centre. You can read more about Gathang and the revitalisation project on the here.


Note: This post has been upadated to reflect the current spelling of Gathang (previously Gadhung).

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2 Responses to Gathang revitalisation and TAFE course

  1. Anna Ash says:

    It’s great to see this project covered on your blog. Recommended spelling is now ‘Gathang’. You may have got the older spelling from Muurrbay’s website which is soon to be revised and updated, with recommended spellings,

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