Language in Public Seminar Series

Just following up on Annie’s post from a few weeks ago about Nick Reid’s lecture that was part of this year’s AIATSIS seminar series… there are still two lectures left in the series, which is based on the topic, ‘Language in Public’. They’ll be broadcast live on the website on the 23rd and the 30th of May. Links and information about the seminar series can be found here. You can watch all of the past talks, read the abstracts, and watch them live if you get your timing right. Diana Eades spoke about Aboriginal English in the legal system on the 2nd of May, which might be of particular interest to any LING466 students who wrote about that topic last year.

– Amelia

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One Response to Language in Public Seminar Series

  1. Students should take the deep interest in the aboriginal art.
    As this art is a native art of Australia.
    Their deep and true interest will create the new aboriginal artists in future.

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