Wangka Maya Pilbara language Centre

Wangka Maya language centre has served the Pilbara region since 1989, doing field work, recording languages, cultures and history and  compiling resources for Pilbara communities. The Wangka Maya website contains a comprehensive history of the region, and information on the regions languages and language resources. As well as cultural, historical and language information the site contains information about the link up programme, which strives to re-unite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families seperated by past policies and practices of Australian governments.

The language section of the site is well organised and, for each language, contains a short introduction to the speakers and country of the language, language recordings and resources, language information (such as related languages, current status) and some written examples of the language. Like many language centres in Australia Wangka Maya also has the capacity for an interpreting and translation service and cultural awareness training.


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