Go Lingo!

One of our classmates from last year has just sent us this information about a new TV show that began airing on ABC 3 yesterday! Go Lingo! is a game show for 11 – 12 year olds about spelling and grammar that features a daily segment about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and cultures. It’s on everyday on ABC 3 from 11.25am, but you can also catch up on any episodes you’ve missed on iView.

Here’s some more detailed information from the show’s Brisbane-based production company, Carbon Media

Produced by Carbon Media, Go Lingo! is a ground breaking new kids show that celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and languages. The show airs for the first time on April 11 on ABC3 and will also screen on National Indigenous Television (NITV).

Go Lingo! is packed full of fun grammar and spelling games. Kids, aged 11-12, battle it out for maximum points in a giant pit of letters, skirmish with digital paint balls and shoot digital basketballs. Many of the kids on the show are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Torres Strait Islander Alannah Ahmat is the showʼs new host. Alannah, 20, grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and was selected following a nationwide search for a host. Alannah said the show is a lot of fun but the best bit is the opening to the show, My Country.

“The My Country segment is really amazing. In each episode we learn a bit more about an Indigenous language and get the chance to learn a few words from traditional owners,” she said.

“I feel really proud to be a part of a show that celebrates my culture and the cultures of Indigenous people across Australia. Itʼs been an awesome experience.”

Go Lingo! is produced by Brisbane based, Aboriginal owned, Carbon Media. Fifty episodes were filmed in Brisbane studios in February and each episode features three kids.

Carbon Media Executive Producer Wayne Denning said Go Lingo! is a lot of fun but most importantly it is educational and it gives Indigenous kids a chance to shine on TV.

“There are over 250 Indigenous languages across Australia, some are extinct but many are alive and well and being spoken in communities across the country. We are hoping that all Aussie kids pick up a few Aboriginal words and learn a bit about our cultures and Indigenous history in their area.”

It looks fantastic, thanks heaps for letting us know about it Kerry!

– Amelia.

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2 Responses to Go Lingo!

  1. I watched the first episode of Go Lingo with my kids last night, just to see how they would like it. My kids are aged 6 1/2 and 8 years old, and they really understood what the programme was about. Some of the spelling and more advanced grammar was a bit too much for them but they were very attentive during the ‘my country’ part of the show. I’m so happy this program has been made, I am sure it will to help raise awareness of Aboriginal Languages in our children!

  2. Alexander Dietz says:

    I am a German very concerned about that amount of languges being endangered across the world. It is anger that is caused within me by the fact of ignorant “mainstream citizens” and societal leading persons around the world.
    The TV show mentioned above is very exciting! Perhaps it can help to convince some (young) non-indigenous Australians to learn to speak an Aboriginal language of their residual area fluently.

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